In August 2013, Dr. Debattista was appointed Chairperson of the Occupational Health and Safety Authority in Malta.

Vision of the OHSA

The development of a culture which goes beyond the workplace, which adopts a holistic view of health and that values risk prevention.

The Maltese workplace will be an environment where health and safety are not considered as afterthoughts but are integrated throughout all work systems and processes.

Appropriate preventative measures will be in place in all workplaces in Malta to minimise the possibility and severity of occupational incidents and illness. The ultimate goal is zero preventable incidents that can affect health and safety.

Employers and employees will be aware of the importance of preventative health and safety measures, and will have the knowledge, expertise and commitment to apply these measures to their workplace. The OHSA will be a partner to organisations, working together to improve health and safety at every opportunity.

Within the context of the European Union, Malta will participate effectively in discussions regarding the continuous development of occupational health and safety levels.

Occupational Health and Safety Authority

The Hon. Dr. Deo Debattista

Deputy Chairperson
The Director of Industrial and Employment Relations (ex ufficio)

Mr Alfred Lia
Dr Josef Micallef
Mr Stephen Mc Carthy

Representing Workers
Mr Victor Carachi
Mr Edwin Balzan

Representing Employers
Ms Carmen Borg
Mr Joseph Delia

Ms Marita Parnis

Contact Us

Address OHSA
17, Triq Edgar Ferro
PTA 1533
Tel +00356 21247677 / +00356 21247678
Fax +00356 21232909
E-Mail ohsa@gov.mt or by Contact Form
 Office hours 16th June to 30th Sept.: 0730 to 1330
1st Oct. to 15th June: 0730 to 1645

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