[VIDEO] Muscat: “Our country needs unity not division”

[VIDEO] Muscat: “Our country needs unity not division”.

[VIDEO] Muscat: “Our country needs unity not division”

Monday, 10 Dec 2012, 22:15 – maltastar.com

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Opposition leader Joseph Muscat in a press conference held at PL Headquarters in Hamrun said that Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi is the “agent of fear and division”.

Looking confident and serene, Labour leader Joseph Muscat said that the Labour Party should be the agent of unity and change.

“Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi today confirmed that he has been wasting the country’s time for over a year, without giving any concrete solutions.

“We have warned him that the dragging of feet will serve to no good for our country. In the past year, the Prime Minister lost confidence nearly five times, he divided his party and was defeated in government.

“Our country needs unity not division,” Dr Muscat added.

Prime Minister Gonzi’s speech this evening failed considerably to address the real issues and instead chose to attack the Labour Party.

“We will not adhere to this methodology,” Dr Muscat reiterated.

The Prime Minister and the Opposition leader tonight agreed to initiate the election campaign on 7th January, excluding the Christmas holidays.

“The beef will be served on the 7th January. GonziPN has reached the “caretaker stage”.

“I believe that the government should take responsibility for the best interest of the country,  ahead of the party’s interests,” Dr Muscat replied to present journalists.

Dr. Muscat said that the Opposition will collaborate with the government when the EU Summit financial package for 2014-2020 will be presented in the coming months.

Dr. Muscat hopes that Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi does not unneccessarily prolong the election date. The set daye is 9th March 2012.

“We are still the underdog in this scenario and we need all the possible help for a future that unites us,” Dr Muscat concluded.



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