[VIDEO] “Health problem beyond Mater Dei”-J. Muscat by maltastar.com

[VIDEO] “Health problem beyond Mater Dei”-J. Muscat

Monday, 17 Sep 2012, 19:14

The Labour Party Congress 2012 “Futur li jgħaqqadna” kicks off in Ta’ Qali on Monday evening discussing the Future. Three discussions about the the Future of the Elderly, Open Government and Health will be ongoing in workshops organised for the first PL congress.

Labour leader Joseph Muscat is present for all the discussions and will be the main speaker later debating the future of our health service.

Discussing the Future of our Health service, Prof. Charles Grixti stressed that the main problem facing our health services is the lack of beds in our hospitals.

What is the future of this problem?

He suggested that Ward 2 at Mater Dei hospital has to be used again. The Emergency Department should be equipped with more human resources. 86% of patients are self referrals and this is creating alot of problems.

Waiting lists for patients expecting to be operated are on the rise as well as outpatients and the system has to change completely, he reiterated.

“We need to improve our Day Care Surgery. We also need to invest in training our nurses and doctors and we cannot exclude our community service. If we increase specialists to operate it will ease the problem but primarily we need to solve our bedding problem,” he explained.

He mentioned that mental patients and the elderly should not be excluded from society and given all the help from the community.

He concluded that patients must not abuse of the health care system.

During the discussion the Future of the Elderly, Labour Party Deputy leader Dr Toni Abela said that the purpose of every human being is the attainment of serenity and joy.

Dr Abela said that the costs imposed by the government are a burden to those with minimum wage or non-contributory pensions and we have to address first the market imperfections, an issue mentioned by the Central Bank governor.

During the workshop, a number of challenges were raised associated with the dignity of the elderly in all areas of life. In particular the lack of dignity the elderley face at Mater Dei hospital and in particular at St Vincent hospital.

Financial advisor John Cassar White, keynote speaker at the meeting, explained that the biggest challenge for the elderly is the fight against prejudices and discrimination. He stressed that the elderly have challenges in the field of employment, pensions and health.

Labour Party leader Joseph Muscat said that this Congress planted the seed for a new Labour led government to be “an open government” – closer to the citizens.

He noted the numerous attendance for tonight’s discussions and said that the Labour Party politics is to listen and give a voice to the citizen.

Dr Alex Sciberras, keynote speaker at the debate, stressed that change should be based on empowerment, transparency and participation, where citizens are given more access to information.

Labour MEP Louis Grech on behalf of the Labour Party spoke about the Citizen’s Rights Charter, stressing the importance of the citizens to be more consulted and involved in decision making. He added that the politician should also see the impact of these decisions on the citizens.

During the debate a number of points were raised including the Whistle Blower’s Act and the fight against corruption, bureaucracy and functions of Parliament.

Labour leader Joseph Muscat said that one principal key point that emerged in tonight’s discussion is that the problem underlying the future of our health system lies beyond Mater Dei hospital.

He said that to solve the bedding problem we need to solve problems outside Mater Dei.

He stressed that the concept of public/private partnership should be one of the cornerstones for a better health system in our country.

“The investment in human resources on every level is important. We need to reduce bureaucracy and be more accountable,” Dr Muscat said.

After he listened to the debate, Dr Muscat proposed that the PL’s guideline should put the patient in the centre, a hospital where one is served better and on time – a proposal embraced by the President od the Labour Pary Dr Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, who concluded the Congress.



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  1. Problema ohra hija ir-red tape li jezisti fid-departementi, il-hela zejda, staff li jaghmel l-arja bil-politikanti u hafna mjegati l-unika motivazzjoni hija l-overtime mill-bqija apatija min certi nies imbaghad ohrajn li jpattu ghal-ohrajn imma ftit li xejn stmati.

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