“GonziPN’s dismal failure in health service”

“GonziPN’s dismal failure in health service”.

“GonziPN’s dismal failure in health service”

Monday, 10 Sep 2012, 16:23 by maltastar.com

The shortage of beds and patients on stretchers in the corridors of Mater Dei Hospital show how GonziPN has failed to provide an efficient health service.

Labour main spokesperson for Health Marie Louise Coleiro Preca said today in a press conference that these problems are not seasonal as health Minister Joe Cassar said a hew months ago, they are the result of a lack of strategic vision and planning. “To make it worse GonziPN is in denial and as long as problems are not even acknowledged, they are not even addressed, let alone solved.”

Coleiro Preca said that the lack of planning and broken promises have led to serious shortcomings in primary health care and mental health care, over crowding in wards and long waiting lists for operations. “Family doctors can diagnose diabetes but then patients have to go to a consultant at Mater Dei Hospital to be able to get the free medicine they are entitled to.

Coleiro Preca also referred to the lack of investment in health centres and the promised investment at the Mosta Health centre has not even started, nine months after the budget. There is another serious shortcoming in the service offered by social workers and psychologists. 60 of them who were on a definite contract for a year have been offered to provide a service on a self-employed basis and this has served as a disincentive for most of them and they do not want to continue giving their service in the public sector

Marie Louise Coleiro Preca said that the Labour Party will address all these problems and will present its healthcare strategy after listening carefully to what the people have to say and what they expect of the healthcare service. “The coming congress of the party will be serving for this as well.”


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