Discussion Valletta PL Club – Dr. Deo Debattista

This morningDr. Debattista held an open discussion organised at the PL Club in Valletta. Discussion followed by a set of questions and suggestions moved forward by the residents and those present, others were collected by the campaign team and Dr. Debattista answered accordingly.

Questions put forward featured the Valletta Parking problems which the residents and business are experiencing. Dr. Deo Debattista explained that open spaces are important for our recreational family time while enjoying our capital city, however these need to be compensated with parking facilities that will benefit both residents and business alike. Also a strategy needs to be put in place to enhance access to our capital city both for business, offices and residents.

Other comments and concerns were about the Valletta market, also pavement in Valletta was not up to standard and people with disabilities and families with small children are not satisfied and concerned about the situation.

Dr. Debattista highlighted the Special Purpose Vehicle(SPV) issue in conjunction with the Valletta city gate project and the Health consumer Powerhouse report, the need to expedite waiting lists at Mater Dei and the budget cuts from the health and social/family segments.

Lets continue and discuss click link below to ask Dr. Deo Debattista a question/suggestion :


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